Litho Laminator IN LINE Control-ing Made in Taiwan

Litho Laminator IN LINE Control-ing made in Taiwan

Control-ing Taiwan has been licensed to use the technology of Control-ing – Spain who is a leading manufacturer of the well-known in-line and off-line Litho Laminators of this brand. The machines who's R&D has taken place in Spain, so far were manufactured in that country only but now the technology has been transferred to the Taiwanese company so that machines for the whole Asian market can be manufactured in these new premises.

The manufacturing process will be monitored and approved by Control-ing Spain and recently an audit took place. The in-line laminator arrangement consists of a fully automatic intelligent servo system control, a monitor display, simple operation system features controlling the corrugated web and the offset printed sheet position to achieve a perfect register during lamination both in front position and in side position, integrating functions such as trimming, precision gluing and NC cut-off. A PLC system with computerized axis control will control the offset printed sheets coming from a Mabeg feeder head and laminate them in a perfect position onto the single face web coming from a single facer Wet End that is cut off in the same action to the right length.

The front edge of the web is laminated to the printed top sheet first and only when this has taken place, the cut off will be done to prevent the sheets from skewing.


After lamination the sheets will go through a single sheet compression section to assure a perfect bonding and flatness of the recently laminated sheets and after this a somewhat longer drying process will take place in a shingling belt where only a very gently pressure will be applied. After this a de-shingling unit will put the laminated sheets into handfuls and take them through a Flip-Flop unit where after they'll be finally stacked in a stacker with non-stop device so that full stacks can be taken out without even slowing down the production process in order to increase the efficiency and productivity.