2015 Sino Corrugated Shanghai

A Giant Who Dreams Big but Progresses Slow and Steady
Founded in 1986, Ming Wei Co., Ltd in Taiwan has had experiences for over 20 years in Paperware machinery. Under the lead of Mr. Liu Ming Chung as well as the unison support demonstrated in the hardworking attitude of all the employees, Ming Wei Paperware Machinery Co., Ltd. has always sought to upgrade itself in research and development, quality control, and after-sale service. This continual effort has secured Ming Wei a leading position in the field of Paperware machinery in Taiwan. Very early on, Ming Wei obtained ISO 9000 certification in addition to a CE Certification for Security and Safety. Hence, in 2000 and 2002, we were twice awarded Taiwan Quality Goods Prize issued by Taiwan Government, which is the first and only award so far given to companies in the Paperware machinery industry. Furthermore, in 2002, Mr. Liu Ming Chung, was awarded “Model Chinese Youth Entrepreneur”, and received subsidy for the first place from a project competition for “New Product Innovation and Research” awarded by Industry Bureau, Department of Economy. These honors that came in succession have proven that our business operation, product innovation and excellent quality, have been well recognized by the government and the business world here in Taiwan, which few could keep pace with.

Up to 2004, we have established a global network of 8 assembly facilities for machine components (key components system, cardboard production system, carton box manufacturing system, and others auxiliary conveyor equipment system), and 10 branch offices for marketing and service. All these efforts are put together to make marketing global; production efficient; and service local and handy

At the turn of the 21st century and in face of the shift of idea from “Market Share” to “Availability of Future Chances,” the guiding strategy of Ming Wei has also shifted from “retail type competition” to strategic alliance between enterprises known as “competition in cooperation,” as has been illustrated so well by Peter, Dulake: “The 21st century is the century of strategic alliance.” This explains the venture of Mr. Liu Ming Chung in 2005 in organizing an international strategic alliance of Paperware machinery. Indeed, blessed is the one who dares to dream and whom hope always follows.

Ming Wei Company is the founder and standing chair of “MAX GROUP.” We organize the elite enterprises in corrugating machinery and through mutual support, we aim for total solution for our customers all over the world!