Folder Gluer Unit

Folder Gluer Unit
Product Name : Folder Gluer Unit


    • Digital controlled glue head can be micro adjusted.
    • Gluer delivers smooth, even coating of glue and cleans easily.
    • Gluing roller is synchronized with main unit and freewheels when machine is turned to prevent glue build up on the wheel.


    • Dual paper folding arms are digitally positioned and can be electrically micro adjusted.
    • Nylon core adjustable roller is durable and long lasting.
    • Feeder belt has springs and shock attenuates to avoid excessive pressure on board.
    • Includes a stacking and squaring unit.
    • Speed of belt can be micro adjusted.
    • Length of feed and take off belts is adjustable.

    Valco Gluing System (Option)

    • Inducted gluing system achieves precise glue ejection with few consumption.
    • Adopt Non-contacted glue gun, complete glue exhausting without residue.
    • The length of glue line, gap and quantity can be controlled freely.
    • Equipped speed sensor, gluing speed follows the various speeds shifted from machine automatically.